Monday, May 31, 2010

Watch Jeff Suppan Cheat Death Again

Word out of Milwaukee is that Kameron Loe has been called up as a reinforcement for the bullpen, since the Brewers' pen is about as depleted as it can be right now. Loe, 28, is 4-3 with a 3.16 ERA in ten starts at Triple-A Nashville this season, and a decision had to be made on him by this Friday otherwise he did have an out clause in his contract. This was a move that was expected to be made for awhile now, no surprise here.

But with Loe coming up, who is going down? No word yet, but you'd have to think that Jeff Suppan is finally going to get the ax. Earlier this morning I said that within two weeks I think Suppan will finally get DFA'd and finally be sent packing out of Milwaukee, either because of a Loe promotion or the impending return of Doug Davis. But sadly, something tells me Suppan will escape another round of "Is This the Day Suppan Finally Gets Cut?", and rather Marco Estrada will get sent down to Nashville or something like that. Lame. We'll see though, should be interesting.

And oh yeah, Adam Stern. Back to Nashville again, as Jim Edmonds has been taken off of the DL. See you again in another week, Adam, as your crazy back-and-forth season is likely to continue.


Anonymous said...

My only hope is that since they need to clear a 40 man roster spot, they use the chance to cut Soup. Estrada getting sent down still keeps him on the 40 man.

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