Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We've Got a Winning Streak!

Before I remind you that the Brewers are currently the second worst team in the NL, and they are currently in a series against the worst team in the NL, let's celebrate this two-game winning streak. Okay, now again, the Houston Astros are the worst team in the National League, so beating them is kind of like, well, how other teams have to fell when they beat us. But still, a win is a win and the Brewers got one on Tuesday night, and that this point that's all we can really ask for.

Why did the Brewers win this game? Well, there was really no way they couldn't have, because finally everything clicked. The pitching was solid, the bullpen was handy enough, and the offense was right where it needed to be. The highlight though of this 6-1 win against the Astros was when Yovani Gallardo pinch hit in the 8th inning, because when was the last time you saw Gallardo in an 8th inning? All snide jokes aside, the starter in this one Randy Wolf did go seven, something you still don't see out of this staff that often. In those seven innings, Wolf gave up just four hits and struck out three batters, and anytime a pitcher does that for this team they are almost a lock for our Player of the Game.

After Wolf, the bullpen was serviceable. Carlos Villanueva came into the game in the 8th inning and didn't allow any runs. Then, after the Brewers extended their lead, Todd Coffey gave up one run but did close out the ninth. No signs from Zach Braddock, Trevor Hoffman, or John Axford, and I still haven't seen any official word as to who the closer will be. One has to assume at this point Axford is going to get the next shot, we'll likely find out later in the week.

At the dish tonight, the Brewers got a 2-run shot from Ryan Braun in the first inning and they never looked back. They tacked on four more runs in the 8th, courtesy of a 2-run shot from Rickie Weeks as well as RBI from Alcides Escobar and Casey McGehee. In total, it was a complete game, the kind of game we've seen too little of so far this Brewers season.

Milwaukee is back at it on Wednesday night at 7:10pm, hoping to get their first series victory in weeks. Chris Narveson will get the call against some tough competition, as the Brewers could be facing Roy Oswalt in an Astros uniform for the last time.


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