Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Young Money on Rome is Burning

It might be his first year, but Brandon Jennings is acting like the furthest thing from a rookie. In what might be the start of a postseason media tour, Young Money was on Rome is Burning Monday afternoon. He talked about who he thinks will win this year playoffs, and who the best point guard is left in the playoffs. He talked about how Milwaukee is a great place to play, all while giving a lot of credit to Coach Scott Skiles for his development.

He just really seemed to be straight forward with all his answers. He talked a lot about his team, and how if Bogut would have been healthy they might still be playing. He mentioned how playing in Italy really helped him in the pick and roll game, which he thought he and Bogut ran well for their first year together. Just a good interview for Jennings, who is showing some mature skills for his age.

The clip is about seven minutes long, and you can click here for the video.


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