Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Any Chance Hewyard Doesn't Pass Braun?

At this point, with the way Jason Heyward has been gaining votes for the All-Star game, I don't think there's anyway he doesn't pass Ryan Braun in the voting. Braun still leads NL outfielders with 1,422,598 votes, but Heyward is right behind him with 1,419,753. The Brewers had a homestand last week so I figured that Braun might be able to extend his lead a little bit, but clearly the Atlanta fans are rallying to make sure their rookie is the leading outfielder.

Braun still remains the lone Brewer that would start the All-Star game, and it doesn't look like the other likely contender, Casey McGehee, will join him. When McGehee was at his hottest in May, he was definitely in striking distance at earning the nomination at third base. But as of now he's nearly 300,000 votes back of the leader Placido Polanco, a margin I don't think he can make up.

Another likely candidate to possibly start the game would have been Corey Hart, but alas, Hart is not on the initial ballot because he did not start on Opening Day. Hart will likely be named to the team somehow, but I doubt any other position players will be joining him. Elsewhere in the voting, at their respective positions, are Prince Fielder (3rd), Rickie Weeks (4th), Jim Edmonds (13th), and Carlos Gomez (15th).

The full National League results can be found here, and bang it here if you're more of an American League kind of person.


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