Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brandon Jennings Wins Bucks Survivor

It may have gone on longer than the actual NBA playoffs, but we finally have a winner in the Bucks Survivor contest to determine which Bucks player fans feel is the most important to the success of the franchise. This year's winner is none other than rookie sensation Brandon Jennings. Jennings knocked off Andrew Bogut, the two-time defending champion, by just one vote. The voting between the two was back and forth both times we tried to run the final round - the first before the Blogger Poll application crashed, and the second which truly did declare the winner. Brandon Jennings, Bucks Survivor. Here's a rundown of the order in which players were eliminated:

Round 1 - Michael Redd

I sort of pleaded with you to kick him off first, because there is no way this guy contributes to the Bucks next season. Oh how I wish the rumor of him being traded to the Cavs would have come to fruition.

Round 2 - Primoz Brezec

He is the worst player in the league, don't let anyone say otherwise.

Round 3 - Charlie Bell

The fact that we traded him and Danny G for Corey Maggette is something I still can't wrap my head around.

Round 4 - Darnell Jackson

But will he win Bucks Summer League Survivor?

Round 5 - Royal Ivey, Dan Gadzuric, Kurt Thomas

Talk about your real Big Three.

Round 6 - Jerry Stackhouse

I'd love to see Stack come back next year, the Jim Edmonds of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Round 7 - Luke Ridnour

Could he be on his way to the Knicks?

Round 8 - John Salmons

Voted out earlier than I expected, if not because everyone assumes he is halfway out the door. However, talks between him and the Bucks are going better than expected, even with Maggette in Milwaukee. I would welcome him back for sure, but don't think that we'll do it. Hammond is quite enamored with him though, so you never know.

Round 9 - Carlos Delfino

He'll be back this year, which means I can go out and make a personalized "Del3no" jersey after all.

Round 10 - Ersan Ilyasova, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Put up against Bogut and Jennings, it was an impossible situation for these two underrated roleplayers.

Round 11 - Andrew Bogut

I still thought he'd win the competition and go three for three, but the rookie was too strong.


Young Money!

Thanks for all of you that did vote, and thanks for putting up with this season even though it seemed to dovetail into obscurity a bit at the end. The Bucky Channel is nothing if not resilient though, so we'll keep pumping out garbage posts for you to skim through on a consistent basis. Go Bucks.


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