Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brewers Power Back Against Houston

It's a foregone conclusion that Yovani Gallardo is an All-Star, right? I mean, that has to be the case. While he didn't have his best performance on the mound Tuesday, he did manage to get the offense rolling with a solo shot in the third inning, his third home run of the year. That's exactly as many this season as your reigning AL MVP Joe Mauer, by the way. Get this man to the All-Star game, immediately.

Again though, it wasn't Gallardo's best pitching performance as he allowed four runs across the plate throughout six innings, but he had more than enough help from the offense on this night. The main story was that the Brewers hit four home runs on the night - one from Jonathan Lucroy, one from the aforementioned Gallardo, and then two from the big man, Prince Fielder. All of a sudden here comes Prince Fielder with 17 home runs on the season. Behind him and Corey Hart, they have 35 home runs this year, and while we can dream about trading them for pitching, if we really are going to make a run then you have to wait to unload these guys in the offseason I'd think.

The Brewers really have been playing well as of late, although Monday night's giveaway loss to the Astros was a little concerning for Brewers fans. We're hoping that it was more of a blip on the radar than it is the norm, and we'll see throughout the week if that is the case. The Brewers play the 'Stros (definitely worth abbreviating, right?) on Wednesday afternoon as Dave Bush takes the mound, and it's about as much as a must win you can have for being a 35-42 ball club. I say that because if we can't win a series against Houston at home, we're not going to win too many series against anybody.

In the meantime though, the fact that we're back to seven games under .500 is a lot better than where we were two weeks ago. It's still looking like finishing over .500 is going to be the primary goal of this team, but we'll see if they don't have a good push in them yet.

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