Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bucks Becoming a Real NBA Team

Milwaukee made it to the playoffs this year for the first time in awhile. They are starting to draft some guys that will make an impact in this league. Now they are upgrading the scoreboard in the Bradley Center. Sounds like we have a real live NBA team on our hands.

As for the scoreboard, boy does this thing look sweet as you can kind of see above, but click this link for a clearer picture. I have to say this thing gives you a reason to check out at least one game this coming year. The old scoreboard was 947 square feet , but the new one is 2,662 square feet. The new board has 3.5 million pixels compared with 229,880 of the old one. Sitting way up top might not be the worst thing after all with the new scoreboard.

The biggest highlight of the new scoreboard is it can change for whatever team is playing, it will adapt to them. So Admiral games will have more hockey stats and videos. Iron games will be better too with the new scoreboard. Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette games will be just as awesome as they always are, but that might be a homer statement. Not saying that in the past these games were not worth going to, but now there's just a little added something to look forward to.

So Milwaukee may have not got LeBron James, but they did throw down 3.2 million for their fans. So at least they do still care about the people that pay to watch them.


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