Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bucks Get Douglas Roberts From Nets

Not a man that does the twitter thing (Winks edit: because Twitter sucks and has been a huge disappointment since I joined, but follow us anyway!), but Chris Douglas Roberts made a big deal on his account about moving to a new team. At the end of each of his tweets he would say "FTD", a phrase we can easily deduce to be Fear The Deer. Now, he will be part of the deer other teams will be fearing next season. Milwaukee will send its 2012 second round pick to the Nets for Chris Douglas-Roberts. Another great move by John Hammond as he builds this team up to be a threat in the East.

CDR, as he will be called a lot, is a guy that at 6 foot 7 can play guard/forward. He will be a good guy coming off the bench, and he loves to get to the free throw line. Both guys that Milwaukee has picked up this week love to draw fouls, and make a living at the line. That is something that last season the Bucks had a hard time doing. It seemed like almost every game Milwaukee was outshot at the line, and had to make up those points from the three point line.

It's another great move by the Bucks as this team reloads without rebuilding. Another good thing about this is we keep all three second round picks this season. So out of the four guys we are going to draft lets hope a few of them pan out. The only way this off season could get better is if Redd was traded, but if it doesn't happen by Thursday don't count on it.

Also side note Hammond might be on the NBA's most wanted listed for stealing after what he's done this week.

(Winks edit 2: Remember our contest Bucks Survivor? Remember how it was tied at sixteen between Bogut and Jennings until the Blogger Poll crashed? If I could only tell you the outrage there has been since because we've yet to decide a winner. Make that, nobody has even noticed. Come on people, you're hurting my feelings! Vote again on the top right of the page, the winner will be named next Wednesday.)


Jonk said...

How has Twitter been a huge disappointment?

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