Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bucks Go Big in Draft

Bear, an ex-writer here at TBC, wanted the Bucks to select Larry Sanders, and that is who the Bucks took. Off hand I can't say I know much about him, but I love that he is a big body that blocks shots. It also looks like he is good at moving without the ball. I don't think he will be huge on the offensive side of the ball, but he should help Bogut down low. He should be able to play the PF/C spot for the Bucks. So if Bogut can stay healthy Milwaukee should have a better front court this year size wise. Larry Sanders is compared to Theo Ratliff, so any offense you get out of him is just an added bonus.

This draft pick means Mbah a Moute will be able to play the SF position where I think he will be better. He is a tough guy, but playing him at the PF made us a small team. Not really sure who is going to start for this team as of right now. Will Sanders find himself in the starting line up, or will Mbah a Moute start at the PF? Only time will tell, but I think the Bucks made a good pick with upside.

With the 37th pick in the second round Milwaukee took forward Darington Hobson. Hobson is another lefty to join Jennings, and perhaps even Redd. His style of play has been compared to that of Chris Douglas Roberts, who of course was just traded to the Bucks. Hobson has great ball handling skills, and can get to the hoop. However, he may lack strength and size.

With the 44th pick in the draft the Bucks drafted Jerome Jordan from Tulsa who is another big guy that plays good good defense. He averaged 2.3 blocks a game last season. He did score for Tulsa a bit too last season, but he needs to work on his post moves. He was compared to Jermaine O' Neal, so he must have some upside.

With the 47th pick Bucks went big again, and took Tiny Gallon. He is back with Brandon Jennings, his former high school teammate. He claims that Jennings is his big brother, so it is cool to see them back together again. He can rebound, play good facing the hoop, but lacks work ethic. He is the type of guy that needs to be watched in the off season, because he could pack the pounds on. I've seen him compared to Eddy Curry, who also had problems in the off season with weight issues.

Overall I think Milwaukee did a great job of drafting, but I still am not sure what they are going to do for a back up point guard. My guess is that they are going to resign Ridnour, or they have a free agent in mind come July 1st. Either way not having a big guy when Bogut went down killed us last season, so now we have guys to back Bogut up if he were to go down again. I know you don't want to plan for something bad to happen, but as we've seen anything can happen.

On a side note we would also like to congratulate Lazar Hayward on getting drafted in the first round. He was drafted to the Wizards, but his rights were given to the Timberwolves. Being drafted in the first round guarantees that he gets a two year contract, and a two year team option. All mock drafts I saw he was the last pick of the draft, so this pick really surprised a lot of people. He had a solid career at Marquette, and I hope the best for him as moves a little west to the NBA.


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