Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bucks News?

Patrick Patterson looks very pumped in the picture above, and I would be pumped if the Bucks drafted him this year. That doesn't look like it is going to happen unless Milwaukee trades down, because Patterson skipped his workout with the Bucks Tuesday. My guess for him calling it off, like the other people that have, is that he will be taken before the 15th pick. He was a little bit of a side show to DeMarcus Cousins this year, but two years ago he was the main post up guy for Kentucky.

I guess Patterson worked out for the Jazz and the Pacers last week, who are picking 9 and 10 in the draft, so he must have a good feeling that by that time his name will be off the board. I guess there is a rumor going around that the Pacers are looking to trade the 10th pick. So if the Bucks make a move, which I don't see them trading to move into the lottery, Mr. Patterson will not be wearing a Bucks jersey next season.

So lets move on to some other people that might be future Bucks. Do you remember the Wisconsin Badgers falling to UW-Green Bay this past season, I do because it was awesome. Well both Jason Bohannon from the Badgers, and Troy Cotton from UW-Green Bay both worked out for the Bucks Tuesday. So my guess is anyone can work out for the Bucks, but who knows maybe one of these guys will find their way into the pros someday. I don't see either being drafted, but they could find a role on the developmental team next season.

Gordon Hayward, who a few people have in their mock drafts as going to Milwaukee, is working out Wednesday for the Bucks. Hayward, if you don't know him, is the guy that was about two inches away from making the biggest shot in a NCAA Championship ever. His miss from half court at the horn against Duke will forever go down as the shot that could have been. Now he will be looking to MAKE buzzer beaters for an NBA team. The Bucks will continue workouts Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So if any big news comes out we here at The Bucky Channel will have it for you.


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