Friday, June 11, 2010

Bucks Survivor: Round Eleven

Every year when Bucks Survivor gets down to the Final Four, I like to do a double elimination round to get this thing into the final round. This year, that was probably a dumb idea. Clearly from the start, this finals was going to be between Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings, and this double elimination round was sort of an anti-climatic way to see who would take third place. Here were the results for round ten.

Mbah a Moute / Ilyasova - 90 percent of the vote
Ilyasova / Jennings - 4 percent
Jennings / Bogut - 4 percent

Cute by the way, whoever voted for Jennings and Bogut to both be eliminated. Anyway, we're going to give ahead and give Luc Richard Mbah a Moute the third place finish, and Ersan Ilyasova will then take fourth place honor based on the total votes from this week. But now, it's time for the finals. Will it be Andrew Bogut, the back-to-back champion of this thing? Or will it be Brandon Jennings, the rookie who kept the Bucks afloat when Bogut went down with a season ending injury?

For the voting this week, we're going to extend it until next Friday and you'll want to vote for who you think should be crowned the winner. I honestly am not sure who I'll be voting for yet, this should actually be a competitive competition unlike the blowout that was Bogut vs. Mbah a Moute last year.


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