Thursday, June 3, 2010

Capuano's Return Doesn't Spark Brewers

It's a return that has been nearly three years in the making, but the end result was pretty unspectacular. As good as it is to see Chris Capuano pitch again for the Milwaukee Brewers, this is not the point of the season where you'd like to see your starting pitchers go just 3 2/3 innings. Actually, maybe it is. This team clearly isn't going anywhere, what's the harm in starting a guy who is trying to recover from two Tommy John surgeries?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Capuano returning, I just part of me just hoped that he would come out and throw seven scoreless innings and be the talk of the MLB for a couple of days. But instead, we got the kind of performance we should have expected. He pitched well enough, although he did need to be taken out after 82 pitches. It wasn't a terrible performance, and it was good to see him throw again, but like I said, now is not the time to be throwing out starters and hoping for four innings at maximum.

Still, even with the early struggles, the Brewers had a chance to win this game late. Actually a few chances. Rickie Weeks gave them a run in the 7th when he hit a sac fly to score Jonathan Lucroy, and Ryan Braun had an RBI single in the 9th as well to put the Brewers within a run. But neither Prince Fielder or Corey Hart could drive the tying/winning run home, and the Brewers were left to sulk over a 3-2 loss to the Marlins, losing the series three games to one.

The bright spot in this game was that the bullpen pitched fairly well, a performance that included guys like Kameron Loe, Trevor Hoffman, and Zach Braddock. But at the end of the day, this was just another loss. I told fellow TBC writer Gweeds when the Brewers were fighting for a comeback, "If they can pull this game out, I will believe in them because these are the kind of games they need to start winning. If they lose, then I have no hope for this season." I know I'm sort of balancing on extremes there, but that's the way I feel about this squad right now. They just don't have what it takes as a whole to put a playoff season together, much less a winning one.

With that, I say at this point let's play for next year. We have solid guys like Braun, McGehee, and Gallardo to lead us to the promise land. Now let's trade guys like Hart (when he's hot) and Prince to fill in the rest of the gaps. I really think that this year needs to be a reboot year. If we put some games together and make a little run, then I say go for it. But if things continue as is, then Doug Melvin better start reevaluating the situation and start building for next season.

POTG: What the hell, welcome to the dance Kameron Loe. As in, Kameron Loe got a POTG award before Prince Fielder did.


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