Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did Thompson Do it Again?

I know it is very early, but all signs right now point to Ted Thompson drafting another star in the making. We talked about Atari Bigby and how he didn't sign his tender, and that has given Morgan Burnett the chance to practice quite a bit with the starters. Charles Woodson was asked the other day how he felt Morgan was doing. This is what Woodson had to say:

"From what I've seen early out of him, he's not making mistakes, or if he is making mistakes, its no more than anybody else is making. He's got a lot of experience back there with him, with Nick, myself and Tramon. So if he is to play in there, we'll carry him as long as we can until he's up to speed but, (shoot), he's good. He looks good to me, you know. Now it's just a matter of experience getting into a game and getting a feel of it and playing at this level. So we'll see what happens when he's thrown in the fire."

I understand he is not going to bash a teammate, but those are some strong words from a great player. Woodson himself is also looking good after taking a boxing class this offseason. Woodson said around this time he is usually a bit overweight, but that is not the case this year. He feels good, which is always a good thing to hear this early in training camp.

This is just one of the reasons that has me really excited to see what this defense will do this year. I know they are coming off a very bad game defensively in their playoff loss to Arizona, but the pieces are starting to fall in place for this team. The new 3-4 has one year under everyone's belt, and it sounds like we drafted a great guy that could make impact right away.

Also the Packers signed their fifth, sixth, and seventh round draft picks this year. Marshall Newhouse (OG/OT), James Starks (RB), and C.J. Wilson (DE) were all recently signed to deals. Not sure if any of these guys will make an impact at all, but it is always nice to have guys signed, which gives your team options at different spots. If I remember right James Starks was drafted to maybe be tried out at kick returns.


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