Monday, June 14, 2010

A Game Worth Staying Up For

If you squint your eyes and look hard enough, you may still find Brewers coverage on this blog. But you have to really dig for it, amid all the soccer coverage we're pumping out right now. It's almost like trying to find a quiet moment though in a sea of vuvuzelas. But as you can see, it's still present, and we actually have some good news to report tonight.

After getting pummeled by the Rangers on Sunday, the Brewers took their troubles and headed West to Anaheim to take on the Angels. At first, it appeared as if this was going to be another tough outing for Randy Wolf and the Crew, but he settled down quickly and went a solid seven innings, allowing just two runs.

After the two runs he gave up in the second inning, that was about it for the Angels. It wasn't long either before Wolf earned some run support from his teammates either, as the Brewers put up five runs in in the third inning which included a Grand Slam from Ryan Braun. Milwaukee kept pouring on runs after that as well, including a thank you home run by Casey McGehee (the ball went in and out of Torii Hunter's glove), and another five-run inning in the bottom of the eighth. After all was said and done, the Brewers kept after the Angels pitching and earned the 12-2 victory.

The win puts the Brewers at 27-37, but for the past two weeks or so they have been struggling to get anywhere above the ten games under .500 mark. They are still in contention, but all this team should really be doing right now is trying to win one series at a time, and hopefully get into a position where we can legitimately contend for a playoff bid. I still think the goal should be a .500 record by the break, but time is running out for that to happen. However, if they put a few more games like the one they played on Monday night together, they could find themselves in contention after all.

Hey, Jeff Suppan is starting in the major leagues on Tuesday night one week after being released by the Brewers, so stranger things have happened.

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