Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gomez Doesn't Stop Running Towards Victory

The bunt was laid down by Craig Counsell. The only play was at first as Carlos Gomez had already taken off for second. Counsell was out at first, but Gomez was still running. Gomez slid into third base, only to see the ball get away from Koyie Hill and the Cubs. Gomez then kept on running, next stop home plate. Next stop, a 5-4 victory for the Milwaukee Brewers.

The video obviously does more justice than that weak ass paragraph does, but it was a wild ending to a wild game, one that thankfully went the way of the Brewers. The game overall was about as back and forth as you can get, as things were started off by another Corey Hart home run in the second inning to put the Brewers up 1-0. The Cubs were able to plate one in the fourth inning, but Dave Bush all of people put the Brewers back up with an RBI single. A Bush RBI was a sign that the runs were going to come in more unconventional ways on Thursday afternoon.

In the fifth inning, Casey McGehee hit a groundout and it looked like he had hit right into a double play, but Prince Fielder was able to dodge a tag and then got caught in a rundown between first and second. While Prince was running, he somehow motioned to Rickie Weeks (who had made it to third base) to start running home. Prince made it to second base, and Rickie was able to make it home safely, giving the Brewers their third run of the game, again in a non-conventional way. Roll tape.

The Brewers then picked up another run in the sixth inning via a bases loaded walk that scored Jim Edmonds, and that would be the game-tying run as the two rivals were knotted at four a piece. The four runs given up by Milwaukee were all courtesy of Dave Bush, as Bush did start to unravel a bit in the 6th inning. The Brewers eventually did take this game to extra innings, which again you have to credit the bullpen for. Kameron Loe, Zach Braddock, Carlos Villanueva, and John Axford all held the Cubs scoreless, and the Brewers had the opportunity to win the game in the bottom of the tenth, and thanks to Gomez they did.

It was an awesome game, and it was one of the rare times this year I personally have been able to attend a game at Miller Park. A few notes from attending the game in person:

* Not sure how it played out on television, but the flyovers by the Blue Angels were more than distracting. Corey Hart got held up by one flyover before he cranked his homerun, and Braun was visibly frustrated during one of his at-bats as well. Not sure why they kept doing flyovers during the game, and I'm also not sure why they kept doing them during only Brewers at-bats. My friend Lisa was expecting another flyover during the 8th inning, but alas, it was just a commercial airliner.

* Gotta love Chicago fans. Usually at these kind of games I see just as many, if not more, Cubs jerseys than Brewers jerseys. But Holy Blackhawks jersey sighting. Gotta love the way that city hops on a bandwagon.

Actually I guess that's it, maybe the bullet points weren't needed. It was a great win to see live, but then you have to put it in perspective that this team is still ten games under .500. Let's start putting together a few more games like this and then we'll get more excited, but for the time being this was a nice way to spend an afternoon (I can't believe that's how simply I just described a Brewers game, way out of the life and death context I usually put them in).

POTG: Carlos Gomez. He needs to start seeing regular time. Now.


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