Monday, June 21, 2010

Graeme Fashion

Graeme McDowell is an Irish guy that just barely qualified for the U.S. Open this year, but took full advantage of it. He didn't really make huge shots that were unbelievable. He didn't get real excited when he birdied a hole. He just played 72 holes of solid golf, and at the end of the day Sunday he was holding up the U.S. Open Trophy.

He had Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, and Davis Love III all behind him, but not even that shook this man up at all he was the most cool, and the most calm guy all weekend. What really shocked me was when he walking down the fairway at number 18 he talked into the camera as if he had already won the Open. Had Gregory Havret made his makeable birdie putt on 18m McDowell would have had to birdie to win.

Just like everyone else on Sunday, Graeme couldn't figure out how to beat Pebble Beach, but with his excellent play Thursday-Saturday he had strokes to play with. The guys I named above that finished just behind McDowell all had a huge day, but just played awful on another day. Graeme on the other hand was steady up until Sunday. He shot 71, 68 ,71 in his three days at Pebble Beach before notching a 74 on Sunday. If Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, or Dustin Johnson would have played steady they could have walked away with this tourney. They each shot a weekend best 66 one of the days, but also just tanked away a round in the other three days. The saddest of them all was Dustin Johnson, as he shot his 66 on Saturday, but then followed it up with an 82 on Sunday.

All weekend after Graeme shot his opening round 71 he was asked the question "How would it feel to be the first Northern Ireland golfer to win the U.S. Open?" He said it has been going through his head all week, but he kept saying he still had work to do. Well Sunday night he had no work left to do except hold up the trophy, and receive a huge hug from his father on Fathers Day. Watching it Winks said, "I just want to live one moment like that in my life." Well winning something as big as the U.S. Open on Fathers Day, and having your dad tell you how proud he is of you must have been an awesome thing for McDowell.

Overall watching Saturday was exciting, because people were scoring low. Sunday was a little slow, because everyone was having a hard time figuring out the course. This was one of the Opens where you just never knew who was going to win it till the end.

Also as a side note it was very cool when Tom Watson was walking up 18. When he won the U.S. Open in 1982 it was at Pebble Beach. If you watched at all this weekend I'm sure you saw his shot on 17 where he chipped in from the rough. That was the biggest shot of his career, and this is most likely the last time you will see Watson walk 18 at Pebble Beach. So it was a emotional moment for him. He said that was really the only thing going through his mind, and because of that he missed a bunny putt. It was a little sad to see him miss it, but he would throw his ball into water as a final good bye to Pebble Beach. Nothing but a class act when Tom Watson is involved.

As for the Wisconsin boys Jerry Kelly and Steve Stricker both made the cut, but both had a rough Saturday-Sunday. Stricker finished at +15, and Kelly finished at +16. To make the cut for how the course was playing is still an accomplishment in itself. Maybe they will turn it around for the British Open, only time will tell.


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