Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Before he wrote the book that I so proudly advertise here on my site, my Dad once held a job as a Russian scientist in Goldeneye 007. Thankfully, he never actually did get killed, as James Bond usually spared his life before moving on to the next level. Because of Bond's generosity, my Dad is able to celebrate his 50th year on Earth today, and I would like to wish him a happy birthday.

You can wish him a Happy Birthday too today, and if you're not sure how I mean then you don't know me very well yet. How you ask? Well, just head on over to GregWinkler.net and pick up a copy of his book, Coaching a Season of Significance (at least head over there to see the resemblance of the picture above). Why not catch the soccer fever going on right now by picking up a copy of my father's book? It would make a great Father's Day, especially for the coaching dads out there.

Plug aside, I'd like to thank my Dad for a various number of things. 1) Molding me into the sports fan I am today by turning me into a diehard Brewers fan as a five-year old. 2) Putting up with me when I make my weekly phone call to him about how depressed and sad I am. 3) Not dying in Goldeneye so that he could continue to provide for our family.

Happy birthday, Greggo.


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