Friday, June 25, 2010

Jerome Jordan Didn't Last Long

Jerome Jordan doesn't look like he will be wearing a Bucks jersey in the 2010 season. They have to wait for the Maggette deal to go through, but when that does Jordan will be sent to the Knicks for cash. I'm never really a fan of sending a player to a team for cash. If nothing changes we will receive a million dollars from the Knicks for Jordan. He was more of a center than any of the other guys that the Bucks drafted, so I find this trade strange. They must have plans to use that money to either bring Ridnour back or sign another back up point guard.

As far as the Knicks this was a great move for them, as they lacked defense last year. Jordan seems to have a body that will block a lot of shots in the NBA. The Knicks are also low on players, because they are clearing cap space for a big free agent. So who knows what they are doing with this team right now. Will he even play the 2010 season with the Knicks is something we will have to wait and see.

This was a quick hello, and a faster good-bye to Jordan. I have a feeling that with four draft picks not all of them were going to make the team, so Hammond figures he got some extra cash to work with out of one of them. Can't question things Hammond does, because quite honestly this is the first time in awhile I feel good about a Bucks team going into the season.


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