Wednesday, June 30, 2010

King James Coming to The Bucks?

Okay, we know that LeBron James won't be coming to Milwaukee, but once the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday it could be possible. Obviously, it would take a huge miracle to pull this off, so don't get your hopes up. John Salmons on the other hand is a guy that did opt out of his contract, but it still sounds like Milwaukee still might try to sign him. I'm not sure if I really agree with that one with how this team is built right now. Jennings is your point guard, Maggette should start at shooting guard, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute should be your defender at the small forward, Larry Sanders would be at the power forward unless we sign a free agent, and Andrew Bogut at center.

Where is Michael Redd in that rotation you ask, well lets just say I hope he is gone. If not my guess would be that we start him (if he cares enough to get healthy), and Maggette wins sixth man of the year. But if someone is willing to take his outrageous contract that would be awesome for us. It would also be nice to get another SF/PF guy to maybe take some of the pressure off of Larry Sanders. Sanders seems to be the defender we are looking for the help this team, but to have a big guy that can score wouldn't be bad either.

Besides the interest teams might have in Salmons, Luke Ridnour may also be a target for several teams, one being the Knicks. One guy that we won't have to worry about is Carlos Delfino. Milwaukee had a team option on his contract, but it only make sense to keep him. If they didn't keep him they would have to pay him $500,000, by keeping him they have to pay his full $3.5 million for the season. So really we are paying him three million this season to play. For what we got out of him last season I would say the Bucks made another great move. On the season Delfino averaged 11 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 2.7 assists a game. If he can do that again three million is a steal.

I don't see Milwaukee being a big player in free agency, but for the record it does start Wednesday night at midnight. So keep checking in for any updates on where players are going.


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