Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers Win Title, Again.

I guess to think that any other team was going to win the NBA title this season would have been a stupid prediction. I'm not a man of a lot of change, but I do need some change in my life. The NBA on the other hand loves when the same teams are playing in the Finals. But when you have the players that the Lakers have, how do you not win the title every year?

Kobe Bryant is a great NBA player, but his cast is ten times better than what Jordan had. So for those who say Kobe is the greatest ever, give it up. Kobe did something in Game Seven that Jordan would have never done in a Game Seven. Kobe was carried by his teammates to win this title. He had an awful shooting night, and took some poor shots that almost cost his team the title.

The fact that Kendrick Perkins didn't play makes me not sure why the game didn't go through Bynum and Gasol. Well you know why it didn't, because Kobe felt like he needed to show the world that this is his team. Like we don't already know that, and because of that the Lakers found themselves down after the first quarter. Lamar Odom, who never gets the respect he deserves, was huge off the bench in this game. It wasn't because he went out and scored a lot of points, but he played great defense. In 34 minutes of play he had a +/- of +13. I really think he should get more credit for what he has done for this team since being taken out of the starting lineup. He comes off the bench when he could be starting on many other teams in the NBA.

Now, on to how this game was called. How a game is called is always a touchy subject, but it just seemed that this game was called very inconsistently. The game was all about defense, but a lot of calls that should have been made were not. Also the refs called fouls were they should have just let these guys play. This was a game where both teams were diving for balls, and arms were flying around. So this should have been a let them play type game called by the refs. Still somehow the Lakers got to the line 37 times, while the Celtics only got to the line 17 times. These are two very physical teams, and I think the refs should have that mindset going into the game. Also Joe Crawford was doing this game, and I just think he can't keep up with the game anymore.

If you have money to throw away you might as well throw some down on the Lakers being in the Finals next season. They have been there for the past three years, and I'm sure they will find a way to bring in another big named player next season. Because God forbid the Lakers are not in the NBA finals, or else people might not watch it. I really hope many of you reading this watched the NHL finals, because that was by far better than the NBA. Two teams that have not had success of late in any sports in their cities got to compete rather than the same old team. Also would like to congratulate the Blackhawks for winning the Cup. Oh yeah I guess I should also say good job to the Lakers for winning the NBA title.


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