Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look At That, People Do Watch Soccer After All

Since I've been old enough to really get into the World Cup as a fan, I'd have to say that by far this seems to be the most popular one I've watched on a national level. There is a growing trend in America to really rally around and watch big ticket events. Ratings for pretty much any major event is up these days - the Olympics, NBA Finals, NHL Finals. You name it, more people than ever are watching it, and that seems to be a trend that has included this year's World Cup.

Ratings on ESPN and ABC are higher than ever, and this weekend's game between the United States and Ghana was no exception. Granted, all these people tuned in to see the Americans lose a game they should have won, but hey, we're trying to look at the positives here. The game earned a 9.9 household rating on ABC Saturday afternoon, and earned about 10% more viewers than the game between America and England. If you don't know much about ratings, just let me tell you that a 9.9 rating for soccer is incredible. That's about 19 million people tuning in, and that doesn't count the Univision broadcast either.

It now remains to be seen if the ratings will suffer because the States are out of the tournament, or if people are now invested enough to follow this thing until the end.


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