Sunday, June 27, 2010

Narveson Caps Off Strong Week For Milwaukee

Chris Narveson has been historically bad in the first inning of baseball games this season, although he usually settles down to at least get a quality start out of the outing. We're constantly left to wonder though just how good this guy might be if he could have a decent first inning. I think we found that out on Sunday afternoon, as Narveson not only got through the first inning but went well into the eighth. Over those eight innings, he allowed zero runs on four hits and struck out seven batters. Not bad Chris, not bad.

Thankfully he got some run support in the process from his mates offensively, and it started right away when Rickie Weeks hit a patented lead-off home run. The Brewers added two more runs in the fifth inning courtesy of Prince Fielder and Corey Hart, and Narveson had more than support he needed. He would go those aforementioned eight innings, a career high, before John Axford stepped in and picked up his seventh career save.

The win caps off a very nice week for the Brewers as they went 5-1 in their last two series against Minnesota and Seattle, and have improved to 34-41 on the season, and are actually just 7 1/2 games back of Cincinnati in the NL Central. We'll take those as positives, as like we've talked about the Brewers are in the middle of a very favorable stretch of games. Next up is a three game stretch against the Astros, before they travel to St. Louis for their last road series before the break. After that, it's back home against the Giants and the Pirates, and then we'll see what happens next.

So Margaret, marry me, because I'd like to date you.


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