Monday, June 7, 2010

The Nightmare is Finally Over

You know what, I've decided I'm not going to gloat about this. I've been about as hard as you can be on Jeff Suppan during the last few years, and I suppose that I can lighten up on him now that's he finally been released from the Milwaukee Brewers. You know, Jeff Suppan the person is not a bad guy. I've met him before, he was very friendly, and of course we all know that he's been generous to charities and in the community. But he's just no longer a major league pitcher, and the time had come that he had to be released.

Actually, the time had come probably two years ago, but when you pay a guy $42 million over four years, it's hard to just cut ties with him so suddenly. But there was just no way to justify keeping this guy on the roster anymore, and as stubborn as Doug Melvin is he finally realized that fact. This year, in mostly mop-up duty even, Suppan went 0-2 with a 7.84 ERA. He was given a chance about a week ago against the Mets when Macha put him in when the game was tied at three in the sixth, but predictably Suppan struggled and the Brewers lost the game. For many, that was our final straw, and Melvin finally agreed.

The release of Jeff Suppan means that Chris Smith will be called up from Nashville. Smith pitched alright when he was up with the club last year, and has been pitching very well so far in Nashville as their closer. It's always a lot better to have guys in your bullpen that you are confident in, and it was apparent that the Brewers had lost all confidence in Jeff Suppan. I'm not sure if any other team is going to pick this guy up or not, but I doubt it. A minor-league contract maybe, but that's stretching it.

One of the reasons why Jeff Suppan was expendable at this point in the season, according to Doug Melvin, was that the Brewers are more comfortable with their pitching depth now than they were at the beginning of the season. It's hard for me to believe that the Brewers have any comfort level with their pitching staff, but to each their own.

Enjoy your $10 million parting bonus there, Jeff.


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