Monday, June 28, 2010

Nothing Like Making the Astros Look Good

Alright, guys. Either you are going to put a run together or you are not. I'm not quite sure what you have decided, but giving away a game to the Houston Astros is not conducive to making a push back towards .500 and possibly the playoffs. Let's not dwell on this one though, let's put it behind us and take the next two games of this should-be easy series at home, alright?

Things did start promising for the Brewers actually, as Manny Parra did got off to a pretty good start, and before you knew it he had a four run cushion by the end of the second inning. Ryan Braun delivered an RBI in the first inning, and then Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart brought a few more home in the second. That's when Houston's Michael Bourn decided to have his first decent game of the season though, as he hit his first home run of the season and would attribute to three of the Astros' runs.

Manny Parra did make it into the sixth inning after giving up a couple of runs in the third, but he was quickly chased and tagged for four runs on the evening. Parra has been pitching well since becoming a starter once again, but he doesn't look like he's quite stretched out all the way. It's as if he is somewhere in the middle between a long reliever and a starter, and with Narveson stepping up his game it could be Parra that goes back to the bullpen once Doug Davis returns. Certainly when that happens, we'll see a demotion of Chris Capuano, I mean where the hell has he been (although apparently he pitched tonight, but I don't think too many people were left at the ballpark to witness it).

Once Parra got chased though, it was over, as the Brewers bullpen fell off the wagon a bit and struggled on Monday night. Five more runs were given up, although not all of them earned. Actually David Riske gave up a pair of runs scratching is clean sheet for the season as well. Not a great night for the bullpen, but not a good night for the Brewers a whole.

If this Brewers are going to get back to being a respectable club in the MLB this season this really is the time to do it. They have another two games against the Astros at Miller Park before they travel to St. Louis and come back for another seven home games before the stretch. Plenty of good baseball tickets are still available for that and other MLB contests. I'd kind of like to get down to the game next Tuesday against Madison Bumgarner and the Giants, but we'll see how lazy I am that day.

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