Thursday, June 17, 2010

Offseason Packers News

Johnny Jolly has some off the field issues that I hope get solved soon, but on the field he will be a Green Bay Packer. Jolly did in fact sign his tender and will be paid 2.5 million this season. That money is no guarantee as he will receive weekly installments once the season starts. He could also be released at any point in time, and the Packers would not take a hit financially. So if something does go down off the field at least the Packers are not paying someone that is not playing for them. Sounds like the Packers will be getting the best deal out of this if Jolly gets into trouble. Coach McCarthy is giving Jolly next weeks mini-camp off to focus on his legal issues.

Another player that had to sign his tender was cornerback Tramon Williams. This one is a little strange to me as most reports had him not signing it by the deadline. Now it is coming out that Tramon did sign, and will be paid $3.1 million this season. Nothing has been made official yet I guess, because he verbally committed before the deadline. The team is waiting for the contract to be hand delivered to make it official. Williams will play a huge roll as both Harris and Woodson are getting old. I think he is well worth the 3.1 million that the Packers will be giving him this season.

The only player to not sign his tender was Atari Bigby. This could be because of two reasons. One, by not signing he is not in jeopardy of losing a lot of money. Two, maybe he is seeing what his options are in the future to possibly play for another team. The big problem for him not signing is the Packers get to see rookie Morgan Burnett impress right now, and impressing is exactly what he is doing. They are saying that things are coming easy for him, and he is a great communicator. So always good to hear things like that from a guy going into his first season. So we will try to keep you updated on what is going to happen to Bigby.

Now a few other side notes to keep in mind.

* Mason Crosby is your Green Bay Packers kicker, and will have no one competing against him in training camp.

* Al Harris looks like he has put on some weight, so lets hope he can get back into shape fast coming off his ACL injury.

* In the Donald Driver softball game the offense took it to the defense 30-18. Also would like to give a shout out to Matt Flynn for winning the home run derby for the event. Sounds like it was a great time in front of a record 7,100 fans.

* The Journal Sentinel's Packers Blog won the nation's top sports blog from Editor and Publisher. We would like to congratulate them on that accomplishment.

* Next week mandatory mini-camp will be open to the public at 10:45 a.m. Monday and Tuesday. So if you are in the area it might be something to check out, and get into the football swing of things again.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, watching the the NF post' videos of Al Harris' rehab, all I could think was "what a fatty!"..sheesh.

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