Sunday, June 13, 2010

Prince Fielder is the Player of the Game!

You see, rather than looking at the negatives in the Brewers 7-2 loss against the Rangers on Sunday afternoon, I'm going to focus on the single positive outcome: Prince Fielder has earned his first Bucky Channel Player of the Game award for the 2010 season!

I make a big deal about this because this is the guy who is going be a huge indicator of the future of this franchise. Either he's going to get traded at some point and we'll pick up quality players in return, or we're going to have to shell out more than $100 million dollars to keep this guy for the next five years. Now I know that my little Player of the Game standings aren't an exact science, but for a guy who is supposed to be this important to the franchise to not yet have one of these awards, that's pretty absurd.

I mean we've given the nomination to guys like Kameron Loe, David Riske, Gregg Zaun, LaTroy Hawkins, and Marco Estrada all through the season before Prince Fielder even got his first one. Hell, Craig Counsell has two of these already. But Prince finally gets the nod, because his two home runs were the only thing that the Brewers really did in their 7-2 loss to the Rangers.

I mean really, that's all we had. The Brewers had three hits total, and two of them were the Fielder longball. Craig Counsell had the other hit, but that's about it. David Riske threw another scoreless inning though, and somehow he continues to be impressive. Other than that the Brewers just got flat out owned by Colby Lewis and the rest of the Texas Rangers.

Losing this series to the Rangers just continues the Brewers struggles against the American League, but hopefully Milwaukee can curb that trend starting Monday when they head to southern California to take on the Angels. After that, they go National against for a set with the Rockies, and then host the Twins and Mariners at Miller Park.

A necessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet. We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes. It's been an honor serving with you all.


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