Friday, June 18, 2010

Rockies Blank Brewers

The promising road trip has halted a bit, as the Brewers dropped their series opener against the Rockies on Friday night. After starting hot against the Angels, the Brewers have lost their last two games, although in their 2-0 loss to the Rockies it's not like they didn't have their chances. Milwaukee left ten men on base, and couldn't score a run despite getting ten hits in the ballgame.

Every starter but Gomez (including Manny Parra) got a hit in this affair, but when you can't move the runners over and ultimately home, it doesn't really matter. Casey McGehee continued his slump by popping up rather than scoring base runners, and Milwaukee just couldn't get the job done.

It's disappointing too, because the Brewers got a good performance out of Manny Parra today, as he has been pitching well lately as a starter. Parra went six innings and gave up two runs, and as a whole the starting pitchers are delivering much better performances than they have been earlier in the season. But when you can't score base runners, you end up losing games 2-0.

Also, there was apparently some sort of controversy about Carlos Gomez after he tried to bunt to get on base in the fourth inning. The umpires failed to make a call, but decided to call him out after they gathered together. Macha argued the point, was ejected, and the postgame was spent talking about this controversy. Um, not today guys. Not to be a soccer elitist here (because I'm not), but this Gomez thing doesn't even come close to coming close to what happened in that U.S./Slovenia game. I know they are totally different things, but I was just laughing at how many times the word "controversy" was used on Brewers Live, because it almost seems to grandeur of a word to use after today's World Cup events.

POTG: Manny Parra, why not.


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