Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Running Out of Ways to Describe Losses

I posted a picture of Dave Bush and stared at it for a good twenty minutes in an effort to come up with anything to say. I then wrote that sentence and stared at it for another twenty-five minutes, and still came up blank. Fact of the matter is, what can you really say about this Brewers team anymore that hasn't already been said. That behind us, let's look at the disappointment of game fifty-two.

This game was kicked off with a rough first inning from Dave Bush, and the Brewers found themselves down 3-0 right away. Bushie actually was able to settle down after that and the Brewers did get back in the game in the top of the sixth. Both Prince Fielder and Corey Hart (yes, again) homered in the inning, and we had ourselves a tie ballgame. But not for long.

If there has been any discussion as to whether or not Trevor Hoffman should regain the ninth inning duties anytime soon, you can put those to rest. Hoffman entered the game in the seventh inning and got shelled, giving up three runs of his own, and the Marlins went on to beat the Brewers 6-4. Hoffman was forced into duty even though Bush had been throwing well and only threw 85 pitches at that point, mainly due to the fact that he had a blister. That's a new one.

And that's really all I got tonight on the matter. If you saw the game, it wasn't anything special. It wasn't a heartbreaking loss, it wasn't a devastating loss. It was just another game where the Brewers weren't good enough to win, at at 21-31, those are becoming all too common lately.

Also, Haudricourt has a much of minor league news, check it.


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