Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stay Tuned For Tons of World Cup Coverage

For someone that can not wait for the World Cup to start, I've been surprisingly light on World Cup coverage throughout the last couple of weeks. Well, unfortunately for you guys, that is about to change. I'll have some basic World Cup predictions in just a few paragraphs, but every morning I will also be predicting the games of the day, as well as when you can check them out on television. I'll also be posting random thoughts every evening to recap the day's events and games. This Thursday and next Thursday, I'll be doing running diary type coverage (as that is one of the days I have off from the real job, and thus will be able to do nothing but watch the World Cup all day).

This World Cup is going to be a little different for me than the past three, because this time I actually have a full time job. In 1998, I was still in junior high school and had no responsibility in the summer so I was free to watch away. In 2002, I actually quit my part-time job to be able to watch the World Cup from South Korea and Japan, and I nearly watched every game, even though they took place in the middle of the night (by USA time).

In 2006, I had just graduated college and had nothing to do, so the World Cup took up a good chunk of that time. Now though, I am working a solid 40 hours per week (sort of), and don't have the ability to just do nothing but watch soccer. I thought about maybe quitting the job again to do so, but I've already learned the hard way in my life never to quit a job without having another lined up.

I'm going to do what I can though to watch as many games as possible, including waking up around 6am every morning to catch the days first game (starting Saturday). Whether or not I actually do that remains to be seen, but I'm going to talk big for now. I'm quite committed to bringing you World Cup Coverage though, so I will walk the walk on what I said about that prior. For now, let's do some predictions without explanation. I will though link to fellow soccer fan Tony Brown's blog, Big Dunc, as he has some very nice, detailed predictions.

Group A (top two teams advance from group stage)

1. Uruguay
2. France
3. Mexico
4. South Africa

Group B

1. Argentina
2. Nigeria
3. South Korea
4. Greece

Group C

1. England
2. United States
3. Algeria
4. Slovenia

Group D

1. Germany
2. Ghana
3. Australia
4. Serbia

Group E

1. Netherlands
2. Cameroon
3. Denmark
4. Japan

Group F

1. Italy
2. Slovakia
3. Paraguay
4. New Zealand

Group G

1. Brazil
2. Portugal
3. Ivory Coast
4. North Korea

Group H

1. Spain
2. Chile
3. Switzerland
4. Honduras

As for the Round of 16, the matchups I would have see Uruguay over Nigeria, England over Ghana, Netherlands over Slovakia, Brazil over Chile, Germany over the USA, Argentina over France, Italy over Cameroon, and Spain over Portugal.

In the Semis, England knocks over Uruguay, Netherlands take down Brazil, Argentina outduels Germany, and Spain over Italy. Spain and England meet in the finals, and Spain actually lives up to the hype and captures this thing. I really see big things out of an England, including a victory over the States, but I'll have more on that in my Saturday morning post.

Looking ahead, it's going to be a thrilling month of soccer, and if you don't care about the World Cup at least a little bit, than you probably haven't read this far. But seriously, even if you think soccer blows, if you're a sports fan and you don't like the World Cup, guess what? You're not really a sports fan. This is international competition at its very best, and I can not wait to see what happens.

So stay tuned, tons of World Cup Coverage on the way in the month ahead. We hope you'll be with us.


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