Sunday, June 27, 2010

Streak Ends for Brewers

On a day when the United States was booted from World Cup play, all I wanted after that game was to watch the Brewers win their sixth straight game. Unfortunately, it just didn't turn out to be my kind of day. After rattling off five wins in a row, the hammer had to drop sometime on the Milwaukee Brewers, and that day was Saturday after the Brewers lost to Seattle by a score of 5-4.

For the second straight night against Seattle, the Brewers found themselves down early, but a big third inning changed all that. Corey Hart hit a double to score Randy Wolf and Rickie Weeks, and then ended up making it home himself in a similar fashion that Carlos Gomez did earlier in the year as he made it from third base to home plate courtesy of an errant throw. Prince Fielder then followed up that performance with a shot to deep center, and the Brewers found themselves ahead 4-2.

That lead didn't last long though, as Randy Wolf continued to struggle on the mound for Milwaukee, especially at home. Wolf gave up three runs in the fourth and that would end the scoring for the day. Our supposed number two starter just has not been able to keep his pitches from going out of the ballpark, and that is killing us. I have not been confident with Randy Wolf on the mound yet, and that is not a good sign for a guy we're spending $30 million on. I think the Brewers need to make a new rule that we don't break the bank on veteran pitchers ever again, because that does not seem to be very successful.

After Wolf was finally pulled from the game, the Brewers were halted due to some Mariners reliever that hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2006. Figures. Brian Sweeney is on the last legs of his baseball career at age 36, but he sparkled on Saturday for the Mariners going four innings and giving up just one hit to Milwaukee. No matter how it ended though, I'm impressed that this team was able to put together five wins in a row, and for now, it gives me a little sense of optimism yet about their future.

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