Thursday, June 10, 2010

Suppan Back to the Redbirds

Yes, Jeff, thumbs up indeed. Oh how I can not wait to see you back at Miller Park throwing meat to guys like Jonathan Lucroy and Alcides Escobar, both whom will be regarded as power hitters once they are done with you. I hope you don't expect a jovial welcome either when you come back as a member of the Cardinals, we hate you. Although if you pull a 180 on us and shut us down, we will begin to expect that maybe your signing and tanking was a Tony LaRussa ploy all along.

PS - Cardinals, what the hell are you thinking? Yeah, the press releases will say that you're signing him to help soak up innings at the back end of your bullpen, but this guy is terrible. You should know that better than us. There are a lot more capable bodies that could be thrown out there than this guy. And if you're justification for doing this is because we're footing the bill, and you're getting him on the cheap - be warned, you get what you pay for.

Good riddance Soup.


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