Saturday, June 5, 2010

While We're Getting Hammered at a Wedding, Here's Some Bucks News

You may be asking yourself, why is there a picture of Anthony Mason on this post? Well let me explain, his son Anthony Mason Jr. worked out for the Bucks recently. Many other players worked out, but it was funny to see a Mason back at the Bradley Center. Let's pray to God that Milwaukee will pass on him, but who knows. He doesn't look like he will get drafted, because he was hurt and missed part of the season last year. He did however bring up how Wesley Matthews was undrafted, and started in the playoffs. So maybe someday he will find himself wearing a Bucks jersey, but for now lets build this team around people not named Mason.

A couple of other names that worked out are: Luke Babbitt, Jordan Crawford, and Keith "Tiny" Gallon. I will explain Mr. Tiny later, but first lets take a look at the other two guys. Luke Babbitt is a 6-foot-9 athletic player from Nevada. He has really impressed I guess at different workouts for teams. He has a 6-11 wingspan and 37.5 inch vertical jump that has really opened people's eyes. They think in the NBA he would be a small forward, but could possibly play some power forward. The Bucks are looking for a power forward to play along side Andrew Bogut to take some pressure of him. Keep this guy in mind as the Bucks get ready to pick, because he could be joining the team.

Jordan Crawford on the other hand is a 6-foot-4 guard who made a name for himself at the Bradley Center in the NCAA tournament. He also has some inside track to the Bucks, because coach Sampson recruited him to play in Indiana. Crawford ended up transferring to Xavier to finish out his college career. In his two tournament games in the Bradley Center he scored 28 in a win over Minnesota, and 27 in a win over Pittsburgh. So this may be more of a situation where he has a few connections so lets talk him up a little more, but who knows. He would be more of a second round pick for us I think if he falls that far.

Keith "Tiny" Gallon is another guy that has an in with the Bucks. He is a former teammate of Brandon Jennings at Oak Hill Academy. He is a 6-foot-9 296 pound power forward, but says he is a little brother to Jennings. He still talks to Jennings, and Jennings is helping him with his draft workouts. So coming to Milwaukee was a big thing for him, because he would really love to run the court with his boy Jennings again. If he was taken by the Bucks it would be with their last pick in the second round. But little background stories like this are always cool to talk about. My guess is he doesn't get drafted, and the Bucks throw him on the Summer league team if anything.

These are just a few of the things going on right now for the Bucks. Milwaukee has brought in many other players including some bigger names like Wayne Chism (Tennessee), Deon Thompson (North Carolina), Jon Scheyer (Duke), and Raymar Morgan (Michigan State). Those are just a few of the bigger names, but my guess is none of these guys become Bucks.


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