Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Friday, June 11th

Group A - South Africa vs. Mexico - 9am - ESPN

South Africa is being regarded as the worst country to ever host the tournament, but there is going to be something special about this game today. Nelson Mandela is going to be in attendance, and with the way that country has been divided in it's history there is going to be a ton of emotion boiling over in that stadium. I'm going to go out on a very large limb and say that South Africa is actually going to win this thing. It's the reason why I picked Mexico not to advance to the Group of 16 because I really think that emotion overtakes skill in this one. Of course, Mexico could easily win 5-0, but it should be something incredible to watch.

South Africa 3, Mexico 2

Group A - Uruguay vs. France - 1:30pm - ESPN

I took both of these teams to advance out of the group, yet I went with Uruguay to win the round robin. So in that case, I should probably pick Uruguay to win. That is what I will do here (hey, all I said was that I would be doing predictions, actual analysis may not be included).

Uruguay 1, France 0


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