Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Friday, June 18th

Group D - Germany vs. Serbia - 6:30am - ESPN

Germany beat Australia 4-0 in their first game, Serbia lost to Ghana 1-0 in theirs. I think it's pretty easy to deduct who is going to win this game. As unpredictable as some of these World Cup results have been, the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that Germany looked the most threatening out of any team so far. The fact that they scored four goals in their first game while every other soccer giant either lost, tied, or played conservative tells you that this Deutschland team is on a mission. No way they lose here.

Germany 3, Serbia 0

Group C - United States vs. Slovenia - 9:00am - ESPN

This is a tricky one for me. Had I wrote this a couple of days ago, I would have predicted a tie because minus 2002 I'm used to the USA blowing it a bit in the World Cup. Slovenia already have their three points, so they have to figure if they pack it in and hope for ties against the USA and England, they'll advance. But this is basically about as much as a must-win game you can encounter without actually being a must-win game mathematically for the Americans, and they have to come away with this one. Earlier in the week, I say they tie, but with the interviews I've heard from the team this week about their urgency, I say they pull it off. They might give up another goal early, which would be awful because then Slovenia packs it in defensively for sure, but I think we're going to be proud of our countrymen come lunchtime today.

United States 2, Slovenia 1

Group C - England vs. Algeria - 1:30pm - ESPN2

Once kickoff starts for this game, England is going to know that the Americans have won their contest, so they are going to kick it into full gear. The nerves of the first game behind them, England will come out blazing against a team that is just going to have to take it bending over. I really don't see anything other than an English blowout here, setting up a big match between the mother country and Slovenia next week.

England 4, Algeria 0


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