Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Friday, June 25th

We're officially two weeks in to the World Cup, and today is the day that wraps up the group play round. After this, it's the knockout stages baby. If you think you've seen some good games so far (and you have), just wait until every game is do or die. It's going to be something.

Group G - Brazil vs. Portugal - 9am - ESPN

If this game had a little more at stake it would for sure be the match of the day. Brazil has already advanced, and a tie or win would give them the group. Portugal is in unless they lose and the Ivory Coast makes up a goal differential of nine, which is not happening. So basically the teams will be playing for first place, as at first glance it looks like whoever takes first place in this group would have an easier time than whoever takes second. The teams won't be giving it their full effort, but I see Brazil still knocking one in.

Brazil 1, Portugal 0

Group G - Ivory Coast vs. North Korea - 9am - ESPN2

North Korea is coming off an embarrassing 7-0 loss to Portugal that may cause a few of these players to defect instead of heading back home, but they have a chance to redeem themselves against Ivory Coast. Sadly for them, I don't see that happening. Rather, I think you're going to see a frustrated Ivory Coast team let off a little steam, and punish North Korea even more for showing up to this tournament.

Ivory Coast 3, North Korea 0

Group H - Chile vs. Spain - 1:30pm - ESPN

There's a whole lot going on in Group H today. Chile currently leads the group with six points, while Spain and Switzerland are fighting to advance as they have three points each. Conceivably, three teams could win two games each in this group, but one of those teams would not advance. I do not see Spain fading like Italy though, at least not yet.

Spain 2, Chile 0

Group H - Switzerland vs. Honduras - ESPN2

Honduras has been the team that's been getting beat up in this group, and I think in this final day they'll be playing for pride as they have nothing to lose. Unfortunately for Switzerland, they are going to end up beating Spain and not qualifying past their group round, as I see Spain and Chile advancing, while Spain ultimately winning the group.

Switzerland 1, Honduras 1


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