Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Monday, June 14th

Group E - Netherlands vs. Denmark - 6:30am - ESPN

One of the teams I'm pretty high on this summer is that of the Dutch, and they take on a formidable Danish side in a matchup between two European sides. I think that Denmark can put up a fight, but I have no question that the Netherlands should come out on top. I'm really going to try to get up for this one, I swear.

Netherlands 3, Denmark 1

Group E - Japan vs. Cameroon - 9:00am - ESPN

The two other teams in Group E square off right after, and I don't see much out of Japan. I'm not usually high on the Asian squads, although I was impressed by South Korea the other day. Japan has a worthy team, but I think Cameroon is going to get out of this group, so let's give them the win.

Cameroon 1, Japan 0

Group F - Italy vs. Paraguay - 1:30pm - ESPN

Italy is another squad that is expected to do some damage, and they should have no problem in their group that also includes Slovakia and New Zealand. I expect the Azzuri to look strong in the afternoon tilt, easily crusing throughout their group.

Italy 2, Paraguay 0


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