Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Monday, June 21st

Group G - Portugal vs. North Korea - 6:30am - ESPN

Brazil leads this group with six points followed by Ivory Coast with one point, and those are the standings after their two games. Portugal right now has one point in one game, while North Korea is still searching for their first. This one really could go either way though as both teams are fighting to be the second team in their group to advance. North Korea impressed a lot of people in their 2-1 loss to Brazil, while Portugal the Man looked pretty underwhelming in their tie against the Ivory Coast. Still, I think Portugal steps up their game a bit here and grabs the victory.

Portugal 2, North Korea 1

Group H - Chile vs. Switzerland - 9am - ESPN

A lot could be decided in Group H today, and these are the two teams that have already won a game a piece. Chile's victory was a decent one against Honduras, while Switzerland's was a shocking upset over tournament favorite Spain. Switzerland is going to have a lot of momentum heading into this game, but I'm not quite sure we see a victor.

Switzerland 1, Chile 1

Group H - Spain vs. Honduras - 1:30pm - ESPN

After what happened to Spain, there is no way they let themselves choke again against Honduras. Although if Honduras was to win, it would be an upset about ten times, at least, greater than the Switzerland victory. Expect Spain to come out firing, because even though they were the favorite, they now have a lot to prove.

Spain 2, Honduras 0


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