Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Monday, June 28th

Netherlands vs. Slovakia - 9am - ESPN

The Unofficial World Football Championship is on the line once again, as the Netherlands will try to defend it against Slovakia. They probably don't really care about that though, but rather will have their sights focused on making it to the quarterfinals of World Cup play. On paper, the Netherlands look like they should be able to pull this victory off, although Slovakia did earn a trip to this game after a quite surprising win against Italy. Still, I think the favorite prevails here, and the Dutch move on, keeping their UWFC title run alive, of course.

Netherlands 2, Slovakia 0

Brazil vs. Chile - 1:30pm - ESPN

Chile is the only South American club to lose so far in this tournament, but that was to Spain and they finished with six points in their group and advance, so I doubt they're doing much complaining. Still, a matchup with Brazil isn't the best reward for teams when they do get out of group play, but I don't think that will bother the Chileans. Brazil is a team that just saying their name would bring shivers to must, but South Americans teams are probably a little sensitized to their allure by now. Chile fared very well in the qualifying to get to the Cup in the first place, although one of those games was a 0-3 loss to Brazil. I don't think they lose that bad tonight but they will be putting up a good effort. Still, Brazil wins.

Brazil 1, Chile 0


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