Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Saturday, June 12th

Group B - South Korea vs. Greece - 6:30am - ESPN

Both of these teams have had success in the last decade - South Korea with their run in the 2002 World Cup, and Greece when they won Euro 2004. Both neither team is expected to play as well as they did back then, and I've heard a lot better things about South Korea this year than I have about Greece. Actually, I've heard nothing about South Korea this year and a lot of bad things about Greece. Let's give this one to SK.

South Korea 2, Greece 0

Group B - Argentina vs. Nigeria - 9:00am - ESPN

I fully expect Argentina to win this group and put together a little run, although I also think Nigeria could advance from this group as well. I think Nigeria could give Argentina some fits and possibly win this game, but in the end I'm going with Maradona and his boys.

Argentina 2, Nigeria 1

Group C - England vs. United States - 1:30pm - ABC

If you watch one game this World Cup, this has to be it. It's the United States vs. England, and the Americans have a huge chance to really make a name for themselves in this tournament. But as much as Alexi Lalas swears to his grave that the United States will pull of the victory, I just don't see it happening. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it did happen, but I just don't feel it in my gut that it will. I really don't.

If they are going to win this thing, I think Landon Donovan does need to get involved early, and the United States needs to strike as early as possible. I've read a lot of reports and seen the guys on ESPN talk about how vulnerable this England team could be, but then again the same experts are picking England to advance to the final. Ultimately, both teams should advance from the group, but England gets the upper hand in game one.

England 2, United States 1


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