Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Saturday, June 19th

Group E - Netherlands vs. Japan - 6:30am - ESPN

Things got a little out of hand in the World Cup the past couple of days, with crazy outcomes and plenty of upsets. I think things get back on track a bit today, as the Dutch prove to be no match for Japan. Both teams actually did win their first matches, but I think that Netherlands is just too strong.

Netherlands 1, Japan 0

Group D - Ghana vs. Australia - 9:00am - ESPN

With Serbia betting Germany, Ghana has a big chance to distance themselves in this group and put themselves in a great position to advance to the round of 16. No better team to go out and get a win against than Australia, either. I fear this one could get a bit messy.

Ghana 2, Australia 0

Group E - Cameroon vs. Denmark - 1:30pm - ABC

Both of these teams sit at the bottom of Group E, both losers in their last contest. I was actually impressed with Denmark in their loss to their Netherlands though, whereas I thought that Cameroon played a bit lazy in their loss to Japan. But I didn't see a winner in this game, since this World Cup has had more ties than a Father's Day sale at J.C. Penney's (REIIIILLLLLYYYY!)

Cameroon 1, Denmark 1


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