Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Sunday, June 20th

Analysis of Saturday's games will be posted later tonight, and I suppose we'll have some Brewers coverage on the site sometime this weekend. Hope you're not looking for WWE Pay-per-view predictions though, that phase is over.

Group F - Slovakia vs. Paraguay - 6:30am - ESPN

Group F is a clusterjam right now, as these two teams as well as Italy and New Zealand all sit even with one point a piece. With Italy likely to beat New Zealand, this game will go along way to determine who else will advance in the group. But with both teams equally trying to win it while not blowing it, I see a tie in their futures.

Slovakia 1, Paraguay 1

Group F - Italy vs. New Zealand - 9:00am - ESPN

Italy has to be disappointed with their draw last week, and I think the Azzuri pick things up a notch and show just why they are the defending champions. They are a bit older than the last go-round, but I still think they have the stuff to make a decent run. They definitely have the stuff to beat New Zealand though.

Italy 3, New Zealand 1

Group G - Brazil vs. Ivory Coast - 1:30pm - ABC

It will be interesting to see how much Drogba plays in this one, if at all, as the Ivory Coast attack was actually better without him in their opening match against Portugal. The consensus is that Brazil is going to win this group, and then it's going to come down to how bad Ivory Coast and Portugal lose to Brazil, and how much they beat North Korea by. I actually think North Korea is being overlooked a bit, but Brazil is definitely getting the credit they deserve. They win here.

Brazil 2, Ivory Coast 1


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