Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Thursday, June 17th

Here are the predictions for the World Cup games taking place on the 17th. Remember, I am planning on doing a running diary throughout the games, which is very contingent on whether or not I get up / stay awake. Believe in me though, I can do it.

Group B - Argentina vs. South Korea - 6:30am - ESPN

Well, if there was one game that would force my ass to get out of bed this morning, this is it. Even though everyone and their Pele is getting on the case of Diego Maradona for some reason, I think he's got a pretty good squad that is ready to go far in this Cup. Meanwhile, South Korea impressed a lot of people with their win over Greece a few days ago, and their speedy attack will be a tough challenge for Argentina. Ultimately, I think the favorites will endure, but with the upsets we've been seeing lately, you never know. Also, with teams now settled in to this tournament, expect to see teams pressure more which will result in more goals.

Argentina 2, South Korea 1

Group B - Greece vs. Nigeria - 9:00am - ESPN

Second place in this group, assuming Argentina wins the early game, is going to come down to Nigeria and South Korea, which means Nigeria needs to win this game to set them up with a showdown against SK early next week. I don't see how they don't win though, especially as their goalie may be the best in the World Cup, minus Tim Howard of course. I just don't think anything of Greece though, and I think them winning today would be an even bigger shock than the Switzerland/Spain result.

Nigeria 2, Greece 0

Group A - France vs. Mexico - 1:30pm - ESPN2

With Uruguay notching a win over South Africa, both of these teams will be desperate for a win to keep pace in the group, and I'm not really sure who I think is going to come out on top. Honestly, if either of these teams lose they can pretty much eliminate themselves out of the competition, as they would only have one point compared to the four points of Uruguay and the winner of this game. I don't foresee a tie though, because I just think one of these teams will find the will to prevail. Based on how flat France looked last week, and how Mexico wants to avenge their tie to the lesser opponent of South Africa, I see our neighbors to the south taking the game.

Mexico 1, France 0


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