Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Thursday, June 24th

A little late on these. Blame it on the alcohol.

Group F - Italy vs. Slovakia - 9am - ESPN

The defending champions have yet to win a game in this Cup, but I see that changing this morning. I guess I really shouldn't be making predictions when we are already thirteen minutes in, but whatever. One of these teams better do something though, because if both games in Group F end in a draw, the tiebreaker would be a coin flip. I do not want to see that ever, so let's hope that doesn't happen. Italy gets back on track with a victory here. It won't take until the 91st minute like it did for our boys though.

Italy 2, Slovakia 0

Update: Slovakia just scored as I was to post this! WHOOOOAAAA!

Group F - New Zealand vs. Paraguay - 9am - ESPN2

New Zealand going to the round of 16 would be quite an amazing story, the key phrase here being "would be". They've already had the biggest highlight of their history when they tied Italy, I don't see them doing anything better than that today.

Paraguay 1, New Zealand 0

Group E - Netherlands vs. Cameroon - 1:30pm - ESPN2

The Dutch are one of the few teams I really think have a legit shot to win this thing (Brazil and Argentina being the others), but I think they end up playing things a little tighter to the vest this afternoon, and Cameroon is able to somewhat redeem themselves by tying a soccer superpower.

Netherlands 1, Cameroon 1

Group E - Japan vs. Denmark - 1:30pm - ESPN

Pretty simple stakes here. Japan needs a tie or win to advance, Denmark needs to win. This is a tough game to predict because neither of these teams are really that impressive, as so far all they've done, both of them, is beat Cameroon and lost to the Dutch. I'm trying to think of a winner logically, but I can't. However, the beer gut feeling is leaning towards the Danish.

Denmark 1, Japan 0


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