Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Tuesday, June 15th

Group F - New Zealand vs. Slovakia - 6:30am - ESPN

If there was one day that I could probably afford to sleep in and miss a game, this might be it. These two teams are sure to finish third and fourth in their group behind Italy and Paraguay, although with those two tying yesterday, a win here could be huge for either side. I really don't know anything else about either team, so let's stop stalling.

Slovakia 1, New Zealand 1

Group G - Ivory Coast vs. Portugal - 9am - ESPN

Checking around for information to put together a somewhat real prediction, I noticed that Roger Bennett of ESPN.com says that Day 5 of the World Cup (um, today) is a call in sick for work type of day. His first sentence when talking about this article: Do not miss this match. And he's right. Portugal is lead by brilliant playmaker Cristiano Ronaldo, while Ivory Coast may or may not be with the services of superstar Didier Drogba. Even if these two men were not in the match, these are some of the better squads in this Cup. This game kicks off round robin play in the supposed "Group of Death", as it's going to come down to one of these two teams or Brazil to see who will advance to the round of 16.

Portugal 2, Ivory Coast 1

Group G - Brazil vs. North Korea - 1:30pm - ESPN

Notice I mentioned Brazil, and not North Korea when talking about the Group of Death. Seriously, while Brazil is the top ranked team in the tournament, North Korea came into the Cup as the 105th ranked team in FIFA. Clearly, there is not a chance North Korea wins this game. Brazil, as always, is another team expected to contend for the Cup although this year the goal is to win games more tactically then by winning games with flair (hence why Ronaldinho is absent from the squad). I don't see this game being as heavy as a rout as the Germany/Australia contest, but Brazil should have no problem here.

Brazil 3, North Korea 0


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