Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Tuesday, June 22nd

Group A - Mexico vs. Uruguay - 9am - ESPN

It's the first day of the final round of the group stages, and as you'll notice games are played at the same time now in an effort to prevent fixing matches, as the Germans and Austrians did so famously in 1982. These are the times in life where putting two televisions in your living room proves to be a quality idea. Still, if these teams wanted to they could fix this result, as both teams have four points right now while the other two in their group only have one. If Mexico and Uruguay tie, both would advance. I don't see that happening though, because whoever takes second in this group is going to likely have to face Argentina in the knockout round. South American teams have been hot in this tournament, so I'm going to roll the dice and give them the victory.

Uruguay 1, Mexico 0

Group A - France vs. South Africa - 9am - ESPN2

Neither team is eliminated as of yet, although the French team are acting as if they were. Players are being sent home, no one is showing up to practice, and the team is in complete disarray at this point. South Africa, on the other hand, will be putting everything they have into a victory here, a) to possibly qualify to the Round of 16 but b) to go out of this Cup on a positive note. France doesn't seem like they want to win this game, but I don't think South Africa is good enough to beat even that kind of team.

France 1, South Africa 1

Group B - Nigeria vs. South Korea - 1:30pm - ESPN

It's been a very disappointing cup for the Nigerians, although they could still advance to the Round of 16 despite losing their first two matches. They would have to beat South Korea and have Argentina beat Greece, and they would also have to go ahead up one in goal differential. I think Argentina wins their game, and South Korea looked a bit weak in their matchup against Argentina even though they dominated the Greek. Nigeria was hurt by a red card in their last game though, and I don't think we've seen the best of them yet. I'm going to go off on a limb here and say that somehow, Nigeria is going to advance. This is the first time doing my predictions though where I'm predicting something in which I know I will get wrong, but whatever.

Nigeria 2, South Korea 0

Group B - Argentina vs. Greece - 1:30pm - ESPN2

For my Nigerian theory to work, Argentina needs to knock of Greece, and I don't think that will be a problem. I was not impressed with Greece in their loss to South Korea, and I still wasn't impressed with their victory against the Nigerians that came thanks to a red card. This, and I really just don't like the Greek because their names are too long to write out, so let's predict their demise.

Argentina 3, Greece 1


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