World Cup Predictions: Tuesday, June 29th

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 ·

Paraguay vs. Japan - 9am - ESPN

Paraguay won the weakest group in the tournament (especially because of the performance of a disappointing Italy), while Japan got here with wins against Denmark and Cameroon, which was actually a bit impressive if you ask me. As good as Japan looked though, I just still don't take them seriously. Besides Ghana (grumble), I think the final eight is going to be made up of teams from either South America or Europe, and if you've ever seen a globe before you know that wouldn't include Japan. Paraguay will win because they are a stronger team attack from the side, or up the middle, or something, I don't know. Paraguay wins.

Paraguay 1, Japan 0

Spain vs. Portugal - 1:30pm - ESPN

It's a border battle as little brother Portugal takes on big brother Spain, and this could very well be one of the tournament's best matches. Portugal is just coming off a match that could have been, but neither they or Brazil really had anything to play for. Spain is coming off a nice comeback run with wins against Honduras and Chile after falling to Switzerland in their first game. Portugal still has a lot of people talking after what they did against North Korea, but I picked Spain to win this thing coming in and I'm not ready to change my mind just yet.

Spain 2, Portugal 1


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