Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Wednesday, June 16th

Group H - Honduras vs. Chile - 6:30am - ESPN

If you're the kind of person that finds yourself rooting for all the Big Ten, and not just the Badgers, during the college bowl season, then you'll want to root for Honduras this morning. Along with Mexico, Honduras is the other team that qualified from CONCACAF, which is the region that the United States belong too. Honduras isn't a bad squad, but they are one of the teams that are more just happy to be there. I'd expect Chile to take this one.

Chile 1, Honduras 0

Group H - Spain vs. Switzerland - 9:ooam - ESPN

Spain is the overwhelming favorite to win this tournament, which would bring the nation their first ever World Cup title. It looks like in this case it's save the best for last, as this is the last game between two teams who have yet to play. Any team that gets out of Europe is going to be competitive, but there is a huge difference between a team like Spain and a team like Switzerland. The Americans did show the world how to beat Spain though last year in the Confederations Cup, but I'm not sure the Swiss have the manpower to pull it off.

Spain 3, Switzerland 1

Group A - South Africa vs. Uruguay - 1:30pm - ESPN

Today is Youth Day in South Africa, a day that commemorates an event that occurred in 1976 when South African children rallied together and marched in Soweto in protest. The children of the country were being forced to learn at schools not in their native language, but of that of the white leaders that were in control of the country at the time. Unprovoked by nothing other than a march, several children were actually shot at and even killed. Due to this event, the world quickly learned about the Apartheid regime and South Africa began to change forever.

I bring this up because I really am beginning to think that South Africa is going to advance out of this group, and they are going to do it with a win over Uruguay. South Africa was able to notch a point in the very emotional World Cup opener last Friday, and I see them rallying together behind the support of their faithful on Youth Day for their first victory. Uruguay may be the better squad, but it's a case of wrong day at the wrong time for them, as I really am just feeling the magic of a possible South African run in this tournament.

South Africa 2, Uruguay 1


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