Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yovani Gallardo Is a Good Baseball Player

You know, the Brewers are doing a very good job and maintaining my interest just a few days after I proclaimed that I was losing interest in them. For the first time since 1996, the Brewers have swept the Minnesota Twins and are now winners of four straight games. It's been a refreshing week for Brewers fans as many of us were beginning to wonder if this team was even capable of winning games back to back at all.

Gallardo was lights on Thursday though, taking a perfect game with him until the sixth inning, but still ending up going the distance for a complete game shutout. Gallardo gave up just five hits in the contest and struck out twelve batters along the way. It was just another brilliant performance from the one guy that we've been able to count on this season in the starting rotation. The group as a whole has gotten better lately, but they are nothing without Gallardo.

For Yovani, you would hope that this outing continues his chances of making it to the All-Star game. The National League is loaded with pitcher talent, and there is even talk of Strasburg already making the game, but you would think there has to be room on that staff for Gallardo. He's got the numbers - seven wins, a 2.36 ERA, 115 strikeouts on the season. It'd be a crime if he wasn't on that roster.

With the performance, Gallardo and the Brewers improve to 32-40, which is definitely better than where they'd be if they lost the last four games. Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks had home runs in this series finale, which is interesting because five years ago (from Friday) they both hit their first career home runs in the same game against the Twins.

Next up for the Crew, it's a series against the Seattle Mariners as they come check out Miller Park. Dave Bush is back on the mound, with the game set for 7:10pm on Friday.

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