Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to Reality For Brewers, Myself

This reason behind this post is two-fold, as I need to contradict two things that I have been saying this week.

1) The Brewers might have a shot at the playoffs. Update: They don't.

Nah, this isn't an overreaction to just one game, you'll see me do that in a second. The fact of the matter is the Brewers are just too far back with not enough time to legitimately put a playoff run together much less reach .500. I think .500 has to be the one and only goal at this point, as we would be well to salvage a season that started off so poorly. Sure, this team is good enough to put together a five game win streak every now and then, but they are also poor enough that they would give up 19 hits to the Reds in a game started by their ace.

It was a rough night for Gallardo, who only went 2 2/3 innings while giving up six runs (five earned). He did hit his fourth home run of the year in the contest, so that's something. Still, this 12-4 loss wasn't even a game that the Brewers were taking seriously once the latter innings rolled around. Alcides Escobar in left field. George Kottaras in right. Joe Inglett on the mound? To his credit, Inglett actually pitched a solid no-hit inning, similar to the job we saw Bill Hall do for the Red Sox earlier this season.

Still, as much as we'd love to pretend that the Brewers can still do something magical, we saw tonight that they just aren't the team we wanted them to be this season. Let's build for next year and beyond, without reloaded. I'm not rooting for any particular trade to go down, I just want to see us somehow improve.

POTG: Rickie Weeks

2) The MLS is a credible league. Update: Far from it.

So I've been getting a tad excited this week about the MLS and their play in some of these international friendlies, even though I should be considering that the MLS squads are in midseason form while the European teams are in their preseason right now. After Kansas City's win against Manchester United though, I was all about this league once more (even though that was far from Man U's top squad). On Tuesday night though, the MLS may have seen it's most embarrassing moment in the history of the league.

In a CONCACAF Qualifying match (North American's version of the UEFA tournament), the Los Angeles Galaxy hosted a team from Puerto Rico, a team that is the equivalent to a very poor Double-A baseball team. Puerto Rico won 4-1, with LA's only goal coming from an own goal. So basically, the best team in the MLS lost to a terrible low level squad, at home. The good thing is that nobody cares enough about soccer to know just how truly terrible this loss was for the Galaxy and for the MLS, but I have never been more embarrassed to be a fan of the league than I am tonight. Manchester United is set to take on the all-star team from this league on Wednesday night, a game in which I have lost a lot of interest in after this result.


JAMOOL said...

Don't read too much into it. They just came off a 5-game win streak. Gallardo can't be amazing every time through...games like this happen to every squad.

BTW I wouldn't say they weren't taking the game seriously...but honestly, the game was so out of reach at that point, why further tax the bullpen? Using a position player to pitch is brilliant!! It's not like they're guaranteed a 25 ERA or something, if you can hit the strike zone and get a little luck you'll do fine. I wouldn't be opposed to using position players for four innings if the bullpen really needed the rest.

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