Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Brother 12 Thoughts

It's only been in the recent years that I've become an avid watcher of Big Brother, and Big Brother: After Dark for that matter, and a lot has changed since I watched it in the first season. If you remember, the first season was pretty boring. America got to vote who they wanted to see ejected, and the true personalities were booted right away and the show turned into people just sitting around and doing nothing. Now, there are twists, turned, and a lot more uncensored activities as it's the houseguests that now control the fate of their respected roommates.

Big Brother 12 kicked off on Thursday night, and already I have a few favorites and a few people that I am rooting for. These opinions may change as the season goes on, and my opinions do not take into account the fact that there is a "saboteur" in the house whose sole purpose is to shake things up a bit. Despite all that, here is the order in which I'd like to see the cast of Big Brother 12 win the half million dollar prize.

Kristen - Right now, she's my girl. I usually find myself rooting for the guys more than I do the women, but Kristen's got a cute little thing about her that I don't mind putting her at the top right off the bat. Plus, if I was in the house, she's the one I'd totally be hooking up with. She would like it too, so no worries though. Oh Kristen, I will be watching for you and only you on Showtime 2 everynight from 11pm - 2am.

Brendon - Everyone is wondering who will be the next Jeff, a contestant from last season that will go down as one of the most popular players of all time for just how cool and laid-back he was. Brendon has some of that potential, he seems like a straight shooter, and is the kind of high school swim coach that doesn't want to take you home after a night of drinking (long story). I'm on board with Brendon.

Matt - This guy was featured playing a drum and rocking his sleeves of tattoos, but then it's revealed he's a genius. Like a literal, Mensa kind of genius. He did grow on me the most as the episode went on, and I think if he plays a smart game and doesn't sabotage himself like Ronnie did last year then he'll have a good chance to win this thing.

Hayden - If I was a chick, this would definitely be the guy I was rooting for. He's athletic, he's good-looking, and he seems nice as well. Plus, Hayden is such a dreamy name. Hell, I'm a dude and I said all that. Might need to take a cold shower before I continue this list.

Lane - I'm not sure Lane said a single word on Thursday night, so I really don't know about him. He could have an early round strategy of keeping quiet and staying off the radar, but I need to know more about him before I can really get behind him.

Annie - Before the competition when I was looking at everyone, I thought that I would really end up liking Annie. She seems like a sweet girl and everything, but I have a major issue with her trying to play up her bisexuality. We'll see though, if it does lead to a lesbian kiss or twelve then she will be higher up this list.

Enzo - Thought I'd hate him right away because of his love for his native Jersey, but he actually seems like a good dude. As long as he can lay off the Jersey shtick, I won't mind pulling for the guy.

Monet - Don't really know too much about her after the first episode. Either I end up really liking her or she will rocket to the bottom of this list, not sure yet.

Britney - She's from a small-town, has a nice little southern accent, and is insanely cute. Yet, she got injured in the Head of Household competition and then cheered when the doctor said she didn't have to compete anymore. Major minus points for that maneuver.

Rachel - Despite your initial thoughts, this chick is not hot. She just happens to have an insanely large rack which makes her appear more hot. But trust me, she's gross, and so is that little laugh of hers. No thanks.

Ragan - The guy is a professor of communication studies, but to throw people off he said that he was a student of communication studies. Nice twist there, jackass. Do I mention that he's also gay, or does that make it seem like I don't like him only because he is gay? No, I don't mind the gays, but I mind people that suck. Ragan happens to fall into the latter category.

Andrew - A Jewish dork. I don't mind the fact that he's Jewish, or the fact that he's a dork for that matter, but he probably said ten sentences on Thursday's broadcast, nine of which were him bragging that he was Jewish. Good for you buddy, now go home.

Kathy - This bitch scares me just by looking at her, and I think with the way she performed in the first HoH challenge, and her over-the-top reactions when she found out there was a saboteur, that she will not be long for this house.


cc said...

I agree with you on the top of the list. I think Rachel should go on the wayyyy bottom because my ears hurt when she talks. I have a feeling that Enzo is the "saboteur" for the fact that is all he talked about in the first episode. Looks like it's going to be a good season.

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